søndag 25. oktober 2015

..: The day after ...and wow! :..

....wow - because it's since February I last posted in this blog!
The day after - because I youtube'd my first podcast yesterday! And that is also a wow! :)
It's not even 24 hours since - and my youtube video has been seen 58 times! For me that is awsome!
I wanna thank you all for great comments about my first podcast! It's so nice of you. I hope I will be able to podcast more, and hopefully you will like what you see and hear.

I did some rookie-mistakes of course - and I wanna improve that to next time,
like scenery, filming in landscape modus - it got to narrow - and hopefully I will be able to do something with the sound. If you have any suggestions I am listening :) I recorded from my ipad - and I guess that will be my recording-item next time as well.

Today we had a great hike with my little family (only my husband and my daughter - my boys are with their dad) - and a friend of my daughter and her mother.
Look how great it was! I LOVE fall!

Have a great sunday and a great upcoming week!

See ya!

If you haven't seen my podcast - you can find it here.
Episode 1