søndag 25. oktober 2015

..: The day after ...and wow! :..

....wow - because it's since February I last posted in this blog!
The day after - because I youtube'd my first podcast yesterday! And that is also a wow! :)
It's not even 24 hours since - and my youtube video has been seen 58 times! For me that is awsome!
I wanna thank you all for great comments about my first podcast! It's so nice of you. I hope I will be able to podcast more, and hopefully you will like what you see and hear.

I did some rookie-mistakes of course - and I wanna improve that to next time,
like scenery, filming in landscape modus - it got to narrow - and hopefully I will be able to do something with the sound. If you have any suggestions I am listening :) I recorded from my ipad - and I guess that will be my recording-item next time as well.

Today we had a great hike with my little family (only my husband and my daughter - my boys are with their dad) - and a friend of my daughter and her mother.
Look how great it was! I LOVE fall!

Have a great sunday and a great upcoming week!

See ya!

If you haven't seen my podcast - you can find it here.
Episode 1

søndag 8. februar 2015

..:Lilac Wish Lace Shawl :..

Pattern : Lilac Wish Lace Shawl by Alina Appasov
Yarn: Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca in color grålilla
Needles: 3,5 mm


This is not the biggest shawl I have ever made, but I think one of the most delicate ones:)
It fits my daughter who is 5 years old perfect, but she hasn't gotten it yet. I was thinking of adding it to my giftbasket for a while - and think about it :)
It's a lovely pattern to knit, it's a great pattern!
And seriously - when I got to the border I couldn't find myself putting it away. So the border took me about a day - all day - hehe.
Fun knit, in a my absolutely favourite yarn!
But if I am going to knit this again - in a bigger size I need to do it in a thicker yarn.

torsdag 5. februar 2015

..: Feeling blessed - about not beeing an monogamous knitter :..

Well, this is always a hot topic. And I wanted to share with you how I feel about it.
First of all I will say that YES - I get a bit stressed having many projects ongoing at a time...BUT it's a rare feeling I have about knitting. If I feel stressed about it, it's just because I am not in love with some of the projects anymore...
So, look at this bowl...look at the colours....and yes it's a chocolate there as well :) Tell you more about that later ;)
I have two more project ongoing than this, but these are the ones I constantly is knitting on at the moment. The grey one is Ascalon shawl - that I am having a KAL with - it's beautiful! Yes, it takes it's time - but is soooo totally worth it! The yellow is a pinstripeskirt from pickles, and the purple is a Lilac Wish Lace Shawl. I love them all. And yes, of course I could knit one of them at a time....but for me...not so much fun.

I actually need more projects to keep my love for knitting I think. I need som easy knitting for days that my head is all fuzzed up....I need just a beautiful knit when I just want to knit all the beautiful things...and I need challenging knits when I feel up for that. And I also have some socks on my needles, because I just need socks on my needles - *laugh*.
Well, I feel blessed, because I am surrounded by fellow knitters that I am able to get to know, both in real life and through internet. And knit together with. And I am surrounded by all this great fiber, pattern and yarn.....smell it and feel it. It makes me happy!
And yes, I am the big no monogamous knitter - and I am proud of it! :)
And I do knit a lot, it keeps me sane. And is my therapy.

This evening I will knit on these three things, eat the chocolate (because I decided to spoil myself today), and together with that I will watch podcast (mandarines), drink tea and watch some tv-series (currently I am watching "necessary roughness".

So, the feelings I have had before - feeling guilty having so much projects ongoing - no more - I am only feeling blessed to be able to be spontanious and not-monogam.

Happy knitting ya all!

mandag 2. februar 2015

..: Testknit Minimalsen :..

Okay - the first entry this year...and some changes. Since I have several international knowledge I am starting to write my blog in English this year.
Not that I am that good in english grammar, but I am sure everyone gets my point - hehe.

The first knittingproject I wanna show you this year - is a cardigan I knitted for my daughter. I was finished with it in January. This is a testknit for Malsen & Mor. The cardigan is called Minimalsen, and are stranded knittng (iiiccck - ut of my comfortzone!). It's knitted in Malsen & Mor's washed Shetland Soft in colours : Rips, Blå Vinter, Hvit, brun drivved and brun kaffe. It's knitted in 2,5 - 3,0 - 3,5 mm needles.

I enjoyed the knit very much - and I think it turned out gorgeous for my daughter. With the birds in the border. LOVE IT!

Well, it's to late to say Happy New year - but I'll do it anyway ;)
And happy knitting you all!

torsdag 13. november 2014

..: Clairière :..

Har teststrikket en del i det siste ser jeg :)
Møt Clairière - ett fantastisk fin sjal jeg har teststrikket for playsweetmusic på Ravelry.

Jeg har strikket dette sjalet i mitt favorittgarn, drops alpaca -i fargene vinrød og perlegrå.
Når jeg strikket sjalet, så jeg etterhvert at dette skulle jeg beholde selv, ellers pleier mine strikkede sjal å bli gave:). Glad jeg tok den avgjørelsen! Det er ett fantastisk sjal, godt mønster. Gøy strikk! Og anbefales som dere sikkert skjønner. Du kan få kjøpt mønster her.
Clairière er strikket på pinne 3,5 mm.

tirsdag 11. november 2014

..: Barnejakka Eivor :..


Det er ikke bare meg som har lagt min elsk på denne barnejakka, på ravelry ligger det akkurat i skrivende stund 52 prosjekter på denne. Og den ene nydelige Eivor'en trylles frem etter den andre. Dette var ypperlig strikk for meg, for jeg hadde ett nydelig nøste Pickles Pure Wool i fargen God morgen. Og jeg visste om en liten gutt som snart ble 1 år, så det falt seg i grunnen heeelt naturlig at han skulle få en slik :)
Jeg strikket min jakke på pinne 2,5 mm og 3,0 mm.
Og jakken var en fin strikk!

mandag 10. november 2014

..: Nok en teststrikk - Bunadsdrøm :..

Lena, aka frkbadegakk designer de lekreste sokker, og disse er ingen unntak!
Jeg var så heldig å få teststrikke hennes sokker som hun har kalt Bunadsdrøm.
Og en drøm er de. Forholdsvis enkel strikk, og svært dekorative.
Jeg har brukt Woolmeise Twin i fargen Neptun. Pinner brukt er 2,5 mm.