torsdag 5. februar 2015

..: Feeling blessed - about not beeing an monogamous knitter :..

Well, this is always a hot topic. And I wanted to share with you how I feel about it.
First of all I will say that YES - I get a bit stressed having many projects ongoing at a time...BUT it's a rare feeling I have about knitting. If I feel stressed about it, it's just because I am not in love with some of the projects anymore...
So, look at this bowl...look at the colours....and yes it's a chocolate there as well :) Tell you more about that later ;)
I have two more project ongoing than this, but these are the ones I constantly is knitting on at the moment. The grey one is Ascalon shawl - that I am having a KAL with - it's beautiful! Yes, it takes it's time - but is soooo totally worth it! The yellow is a pinstripeskirt from pickles, and the purple is a Lilac Wish Lace Shawl. I love them all. And yes, of course I could knit one of them at a time....but for me...not so much fun.

I actually need more projects to keep my love for knitting I think. I need som easy knitting for days that my head is all fuzzed up....I need just a beautiful knit when I just want to knit all the beautiful things...and I need challenging knits when I feel up for that. And I also have some socks on my needles, because I just need socks on my needles - *laugh*.
Well, I feel blessed, because I am surrounded by fellow knitters that I am able to get to know, both in real life and through internet. And knit together with. And I am surrounded by all this great fiber, pattern and yarn.....smell it and feel it. It makes me happy!
And yes, I am the big no monogamous knitter - and I am proud of it! :)
And I do knit a lot, it keeps me sane. And is my therapy.

This evening I will knit on these three things, eat the chocolate (because I decided to spoil myself today), and together with that I will watch podcast (mandarines), drink tea and watch some tv-series (currently I am watching "necessary roughness".

So, the feelings I have had before - feeling guilty having so much projects ongoing - no more - I am only feeling blessed to be able to be spontanious and not-monogam.

Happy knitting ya all!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er nok heller ingen monogam strikker, for å si det sånn ;) Jeg syns også det er kjekt å ha flere prosjekter samtidig. Riktignok ikke for mange, for da blir man liksom aldri ferdig med noe. Og det føles jo ikke særlig motiverende... Men det er kjekt å ha et enkelt strikketøy som se-på-TV-strikketøy, noe litt vanskeligere som jeg kan bryne meg på ellers osv. Så ja, jeg kjenner meg absolutt igjen i beskrivelsen din :)

    God helg!

  2. Jag känner igen mig, jag gör likadant som du vet och det är härligt! Stor kram!

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